Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waxing and Wanging

Honestly? I'm on the fence. I adore Alexander Wang ! I mean, how can you not? He is so cute! That said, I was eagerly anticipating his Spring 2010 RTW show and I was both disappointed and blown away. OK, now...don't hate me. Hear me out!

The second half of the show was perfection. Give me black and white and I'm a happy gal. This bodycon white dress is definitely going to find it's way into my closet this spring. I'll be waiting (im)patiently at Barney's for its arrival. I love the sexy cut-outs and the fact that it's revealing yet...not. It's perfection.

This black sparkly number reminds me very much of one of my must-have items and provided me with some inspiration of how to wear it. The skinny track pants are so chic and slightly off-putting at the same time (very Wang, I think). I will definitely try some variation of this look using my Gryphon

So now that I have professed my love for the second half of Mr. Wang's show, I gotta say the first half didn't do it for me. This is RTW, and I am searching for a piece from this look (below)that works for me. I just can't seem to find one. I find the proportions odd and the color combo very non Wang-y.

And this look...well I just don't love my belly button SO much that I need to frame it in my dress. Forget the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of khaki (I'd be willing to risk looking preppy for Alexander Wang), I just really don't understand the cut-out. Maybe you'll hate me for this (I hope not because I looove all of you!), but I just don't like it. OK?

On a side note...I need to know where Mr. Wang gets his white t-shirts from. They seem to have become something of a uniform for him (loves it!) and it looks like the perfect white T. Any insider information for me?