Monday, August 24, 2009

My Must-Have for Fall

This Gryphon top is, in a word, perfection. In two words, must have. I see myself wearing this all season long and in oh so many ways. How shall I wear you, let me count the ways...
* With an Audrey Hepburn skinny black pant and patent pumps Ooh, or with a moto style denim with a little bootie...
*OR over a long sleeved burnout t-shirt and super skinnies...
*OR!!!under my favorite leather jacket (with who cares what else...this top would even make sweatpants look amazing...not that I'm suggesting you try it!) would be divine.

My head is spinning with ideas, simply spinning!

And by the by, I am always open to suggestions. How would you style this, my lovely readers?


  1. nice top

  2. You said it: must-have!


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