Monday, August 24, 2009

Very Exciting!!!

Hello my lovely readers. I have but just a small favor to ask of you...please check out this article from the Wall Street Journal. Look closely, you may spot a quote from yours truly.

Even though it is just a small part of the article, it was such a thrill to be interviewed! The lovely Katherine Rosman of the Wall Street Journal, found my blog (which, let's be honest is just the most flattering!!!) and called me for an interview. As a writer with a new blog, it just doesn't get any better to know that someone else is reading what I put out there. So thank you for all of you who support me! I'll keep writing in hopes that you all keep reading.


  1. Thanks for posting at my blog. You are welcome of course to post there any time. I am skeptical of the "New Girl Order" as Kay Hymnowitz called it maintain discretionary spending on fashion. I think some spending will still stick around, but economic figures look horrific (16% real unemployment according to the Atlanta Fed) and women who have so far evaded the "mancession" are likely to get hit.

    I think there will be a market (particularly for writers who can show economizing steps) for budget fashion, I wish you well on that regard.

    But color me extremely skeptical of the industry outlook as a whole. I bet a lot of designers go under.


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