Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Workin' it

When I grew up I decided that I wanted to sell real estate and be wildly successful so that I could, simply put, buy stuff. So I got my license and to celebrate the momentous occasion, I bought a Chanel wallet With a fabulous partner/mentor (love you mom!!!!) by my side I began my climb up the real estate ladder and discovered that not only was I good at it, I loved it too. Now...what to wear to work? This was a challenge. No, was! I am 23, and so I will not, nay...I flat out refuse to wear the sad post-college ill fitting business suit that all of my friends so sadly wore. Not me, no thank you! But then what to wear?

I wanted to hold on to my personal sense of style, yet I needed to be professional. I was being trusted with million dollar + homes (so fabulous!) and had to look the part. And so, I cultivated a sort of formula that goes something like this...Ahem...

Structured Jacket+slightly sexy dress +posh bag that holds everything (and I mean everything)+AMAZING shoes=totally chic yet totally me business attire. Allow me to illustrate...

Now I totally switch it up, and depending on who I'm working with and what I'm doing, I can totally get away with jeans and an amazing top or even a slouchy t-shirt with a cute jacket. I think it's best to keep my denim dark and slim so that they almost look like skinny dress pants. My absolute favorite jeans are, but of course, J Brand I love their simple, clean lines and the fact that they fit perfectly. As always, I believe the right shoes and bag can elevate an otherwise casual ensemble. Something high and shiny always does the trick and even though I'm on my feel all day I'd gladly suffer through a little pain. For a pair of Louboutins, wouldn't you? They are, after all, what I work so hard for!

Blazer: Proenza Schouler

Cashmere Dress: Rag and Bone

Booties: Stuart Weitzman

Pumps: Christian Louboutin

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