Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello Moto...

I LIVE for the day that the Chicago weather gets crisp enough to break out my much beloved leather motorcycle jacket. If I'm being honest with you, my lovely readers, I sometimes wear it even if it's still bathing suit warm because I adore it oh so much.
My jacket is just the way I like it... old, old, old, perfectly beat up and worn in. The leather is soft and it's cropped in such a way that is feminine but tough and cool. I don't know what to say...I love my jacket.
While mine is one of a kind and irreplaceable (I don't even like thinking about life with out it, it's just too sad) the Doma Cropped washed-leather biker jacket (pictured left) is pretty close to perfect in my book.
How to wear it? Well, as I'm sure you know, the big thing to do all last year was to pair it with something girly to strike a cool balance. While I'm certainly not over the idea, I am over talking about it. I get it, I get it. One is tough, the other is sweet. Together you get a look that is tough and sweet...yeah yeah yeah it's fine. how to wear it? With everything! Make it a part of your style, make it a statement. Wear it every day in every way you can think. I think it looks particularly amazing with a body conscious cashmere dress and opaque black tights It's important to make sure your accessories don't compete...a leather cuff, for example, is just too costume-y. On the other hand, how great would it look with a pair of black patent ballet flats? With dark skinny pants? And the softest, slouchiest(?), comfiest(??) t-shirt you can find? Yes, Please!

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