Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ah Choo!

Just when you thought shoes couldn't get any higher...they didn't. One of the (many) trends that came out of the S/S 10 New York fashion week was the resurgence of the flat. I'm thinking this was a reaction to the high, higher, highest trend of recent past...but I for one am thrilled. My feet hurt, OK? I always was a big supporter of the chic ballet flat, but I'm not exactly what you'd call tall so I took advantage of the crazy-tall heel craze just so that the rest of the world wouldn't literally loom over me. But now that we are all coming back down to earth, let me profess my love of the Jimmy Choo 'Witty' Flat

They sparkle! They're happy! (The picture doesn't really do them justice. They are brighter and have glitter running through the patent leather!). I just purchased these shoes last week and I wore them every day since. The key is to pretend they are neutral (which they kinda are...) and go from there. Obviously they punch up basic black, white and grey (my uniform of sorts), and they look insane with jeans, but I particularly loved them paired with a Kelly green top.

So tell me, my lovely readers, are you happy that flats are back?


  1. I'm so in to flat shoes these days! I love those Jimmy Choo ones. So fab!

  2. I love flats! These are fabulous. Must have leopard flats :)


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