Sunday, September 20, 2009


For those of you who follow my blog or know me (even if you only kinda know me...or met me once. Briefly.) you know that I LOVE Barneys I was out shopping with my hubby today and as we were walking in, I asked him "How can someone not love it here? Even you...the guy who hates shopping... LOVES Barneys." OK so maybe he isn't quite as enthusiastic about it as I am, but the boy likes it and that's saying something, trust me.

So I was perusing the racks and I came across this cute asymmetrical T by Alexander Wang top and even though I've seen it before (Did I mention I am an avid Barneys shopper?) and overlooked it, I decided to try it on. LOVE. I was definitely wearing the right clothes to try it on with (black skinny J Brands and leopard print Jimmy Choo flats ) and the whole look felt incredibly cool and easy.

This is definitely a look best suited for night and not for work (this, if you were wondering is what I wear to work, but all it really needs is a simple long chain necklace to add a little something and...that's it. Done. I'm ready to go.

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