Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One nation...

I pledge allegiance to...this t-shirt...

Just call me Goldilocks. In my quest for the perfect t-shirt, I have come across many that are too (something) or not quite (something) enough. Never have I found one that was just right...until I came across this Easy Scoop Neck Slub Jersey Tee by Nation Ltd.

This was so perfect that the logical thing to do was buy four. I started out with one, but I loved it so much I wore it 2 days in a row (gross) and I had to have more. Four seemed like the right amount (and it was all Intermix had left). This was months ago and I continue to wear this tee (in white) all the time. I wore it so much that the pocket fell off of one...and it kinda made it even better. I kid you not.

It provides the perfect undone slouch when paired under jackets (and it looks especially cool under my favorite leather Moto and its amazing how it takes my favorite top ( from evening wear to day-appropriate. Love it!

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