Friday, August 14, 2009


I started this blog as an outlet for my pent up fashion aggression. When I got married last year (more on that later) I was hit with the harsh reality of adult responsibility. My paycheck no longer went directly to Barney's instead, it went toward things like my mortgage, my car payments, and groceries. Oh, and med school tuition. It just so happened that I married an adorable, handsome, funny, and brilliant wannabe doctor. This also meant that I was the only one getting a paycheck, so I had to make it count.

I had always worked in fashion and am a writer by trade, but shopgirl about town at some of the most amazing stores in Chicago, fabulous as it is, does not pay the bills quite like some other jobs. And let us not lament over the woes of a starving artist. Writing short stories was out of the question as well. And so I had to make a decision. Work in fashion, or buy it. Dear readers, I chose to sell out and make enough cash so I could shop. And while I love love love my job, I miss the every day chatter about all things fab, chic, and fashionable. And so here we are. My blog.

I'll be discussing all things fashion. What I wear, what I want to buy, my latest obsessions, amazing street style, beauty, where I shop, and so on.

Dedicated to the love of my life, Paul. And of course, Harley, for whom my blog is named for.

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