Friday, August 14, 2009


the back-up dress
my carefully planned out outfit

what I actually wore, which wasn't so bad, just not great

It was not easy getting dressed for Lollapalooza. I did my music fest fashion research, studying and trying to get the look exactly right. I wanted that laid back, cool girl/hipster vibe (not my usual fashion orientation, but that's another topic for another day) and I finally got it exactly right. Unfortunately it all went out the window when I stepped outside. Scorching heat and humidity drove me to dress for comfort (ugh...the worst!) and OK...I'm not being exactly truthful here. Here is what really happened...

I left the house wearing an adorable Karina Grimaldi jumper with my Gucci fanny pack (circa Sex and the City, season 4 thank you very much!) and my signature Ray Ban gold aviators I ignored the heat and decided that I would suffer through it. I picked up my Starbucks (grande black iced tea with 3 splendas, thank you!) and walked over to my parents to meet my little brother, Matt (That's him in the straw fedora!). I figured we'd be on our way. Not so much. I was greeted at the door by my father and instead of a "hello", all I got was laughter. The same response from my mother...and then I was told by Matthew that he would not be seen with me dressed like that. Though all agreed that I looked adorable under normal circumstances, (I have gotten very positive feedback from my jumper. Plus, it is the only amendment to my no shorts policy) I looked ridiculous. I was so flustered because I literally own nothing that would have been appropriate for sitting in the grass on a 90+ degree day while drinking beer. Not my style. I don't own a single pair of shorts (again, I have a strict policy against them) and it was kind of windy for my backup outfit (yes I planned a backup outfit). What was I supposed to do? I'll tell you, darling readers.
I took a pair of scissors to leggings and made bike shorts, topped it with a grey tunic that I hadn't figured out how to wear yet (it's a bit casual for my every day taste) and threw on a cute pair of gladiator sandals. I ended up fairly happy with what I wore, and my brother deemed it appropriate and said he would sit with me.
To read more on my day at Lollapalooza, head on over to Josh Feld's, my fellow blogger, site where he conicals our experience and my run in with a hippy chick who didn't grasp the concept of personal space.


  1. I like the middle one, the color is INCREDIBLE<3


  2. hi there. i found your blog through i am a reporter for the wall street journal and am writing a story abotu the site and the upcoming book. i'd love to interview you about what you like about the site. interested?

    PS I used my husband's gmail account to leave this comment because I don't have one of my own. So ignore that it comes from "Joseph"!


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