Friday, August 14, 2009

je t'aime

It's been over a year and I still obsess over my ultimate fashion moment. That moment is, of course, my wedding. No one in the history of brides loves her wedding more than I did, and do. My dress, my shoes, my flowers, the MOH, and of course, the hubby...all fabulous!

Paul knows me so well. My engagement ring (above) was perfect. He got it exactly right. It's vintage art deco (belonged to my great grandmother's) and has a whole history behind it, which I love. To keep it from looking too sweet, I almost always wear dark polish (Lincoln Park After Dark, please!). Finding a wedding band was tricky, so I went to my favorite fashion outpost, Barney's, and found a tiny diamond band that didn't exactly match but totally worked. I never leave the house without my rings.

I wore none other than the amazing Monique Lhuillier and the most glittery pair of LBs They were my first Louboutins and I was really just looking for an excuse to buy an insanely expensive pair of shoes. The purchase started an unfortunate (fortunate?) desire for pricey footwear and my collection has grown exponentially. I'll do a whole shoe blog soon...don't worry!

The MOH, my incredibly chic auntie wore Riser Goodwyn I mean, how cool is she? She is my shopping soul mate and we are very bad influences on eachother!

Oh, and of course then there is Paul, my husband and best friend. Despite how we look in our picture, we are not, in the least bit, a lovey-dovey couple. Paul and I are about as sarcastic as people can get with out being off-putting (though sometimes we cross that line too), but when I look at our weding pictures it makes me fall in love all over again. I am talking, of course, about my shoes.

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