Friday, August 14, 2009

what feels right for night

The sexy top/jeans combo no longer feels fresh to me. Perhaps it's because this was the standard uniform all through college and maybe, just maybe because the post college bar scene is a sea of sexy (and also not so sexy) tops and jeans as well. I. Have. Had. Enough!
What feels right to me now? I kept the silhouette the same...skinny on the bottom, a bit loose on top, and high high high heels...but switched it up a bit. Super skinny black pants, a ravaged t- shirt (my favorites are from Elizabeth and James and Nation ) some unexpected jewelry (high/low combo of vintage costume and my mom's old gold chains that are all tangled up in an accidentally imperfect/perfect way) great shoes (tonight's are going to my YSL wooden platforms that I got in Paris ), and my go to bag for evening.
I'd like to chat about the bag for a moment, readers, if you don't mind. I bought my Balenciaga motorcycle bag 4 years ago and it is still my favorite. I swear, it instantly makes whatever I have on just a bit more cool. I am not a biker chick...but I long to be. I named my dog Harley after all! This bag- though oversold and if I'm being honest with myself, more than a bit over trend wise and I carry it with no sense of irony- just makes me feel good. Four years later it is perfectly beat up. It keeps getting better with age. If you took one look at it, you'd know it's been , lived in and has some stories to tell. Very biker chick if I do say so myself. I will wear this bag until it falls apart, and even then I'll probably replace it and wear it daily until it gets just right again. I love it that much.
If you are looking for a fresh take on this bag, look no further than Balenciaga's arena bracelet. It's hard to find ever since being featured in my bible, Harper's Bazaar, so I suggest getting on the wait list fast. Just promise me you won't wear the bracelet and bag at the same time!

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